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A DJ deck stand is far different from what is used to be. We are not talking about turntables for vinyl records anymore, but CD turntables, digital controllers, mixers, and a laptop. DJ’s have their entire collection of sounds on a laptop, which is why they need it by their side at all times. Now imagine all these things put together on a single table. Pretty crowded, isn’t it? Luckily there are ways to save space and make the DJ’s performance a little easier. After all, he is there to make good music, not cardio exercises.

Pyle-Pro PLPTS25 Laptop Stand for DJ
Ideal for holding your laptop, cd player/controller, weight capacity: 8 lbs
Stands On Any Flat Surface For Quick And Easy Set-Up
Features 4 Easy Line-It-Up Height Adjustments
CRANE Hardware Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops
Highly adjustable stand allows for laptop use at the proper eye-level height
Can be configured in Z position for ultimate stability or C positon for maximum height
no assembly required
Pyle PLPTS35 Portable Folding Stand for Laptops
Steel Frame Securely and Dependably Holds Laptops of all Sizes
Lower Accessory Shelf for Tablets or other Gear
Lightweight and Folds Away for Easy Transportation to Gigs

A DJ laptop stand is usually made of metal, and its entire purpose is to hold the laptop at a convenient height above the other pieces of equipment that a DJ uses during a performance. It proves to be extremely useful and comfortable to use.

The benefits of using a DJ laptop stand

Just like any other product that is destined for a particular category of people, the laptop stand can provide a series of advantages that have the ability to make the DJ’s life a tad easier. Here are a few of them.

  • ü It can save space – this is an incredibly valid point. A DJ’s table is already filled with all sorts of equipment, from mixers to CD turntables and a lot of wiring. A laptop stand not only occupies little space, but you will be able to “hang” the laptop above all that gear. That means you no longer have to shift your position too much in order to reach a certain something.
  • ü It is more comfortable to use – DJs don’t sit down while they perform. They stand up. That is why bending over the table may become uncomfortable at some point, and it can even lead to back pain. However, a laptop stand will keep the device at the DJ’s level, which means he doesn’t have to bend over anymore. It’s more comfortable that way, and there are no back-related injuries.
  • ü Some models have cool accessories – we all love the prospect of buying something that goes the extra mile, which is why we love accessories Some laptop stands come with a lower shelf that DJs can use for their tablets or other pieces of equipment. Some other have wiring accessories, which can help him to manage and organize the cables, and so on.

What to look for when searching for the best DJ laptop stand

If you are a DJ and you are seeking to purchase a laptop stand, you should have both practicality and style in mind. It’s not enough to find a useful, convenient stand but it has to fit your personality as well. After all, you are a performer. You cannot afford to let things go. Apart from that, here is the key features that matter the most.

  • ü Space – a DJ laptop stand should have enough space to accommodate your laptop together with other pieces of equipment. Whether it’s a tablet, a few wires, or a CD shelf, it doesn’t matter. The point is not to waste space and use it all according to your needs. You don’t want the entire area to be crammed, do you? Also, don’t make the mistake of not doing the proper measurements before ordering a laptop stand. They are not all the same size, just like laptops aren’t.
  • ü Layout and organization – a DJ’s table is not a stand in the farmer’s market. Everything has to be in its right place. That is why you need a laptop stand which can help you with that. Find a stand that will allow you to store items under it. That is possible if its legs are the proper shape and thickness. Also, using a C-stand, you will be able to make the most of the space under the laptop.
  • ü Strength – I am not saying that a laptop is heavy because we both know it’s not, but you don’t want a wiggly, unsafe stand either. You want one that will be able to provide proper support without you fearing that it may crack one day and all your equipment and music is ruined. That equipment costs thousands of dollars. Yo don’t want to lose it just because you decided to become a cheapskate at the last minute and bought a cheap, unstable laptop stand, do you? Always go for the high-quality, sturdy ones. Trust me, you are not going to regret it.
  • ü Portability – most DJs travel a lot. Which means that everytime they have a gig, they have to pack all of their equipment and go. But you probably know what I am talking about. You have a lot of gear, which is why packing can be time-consuming. Do you really need to trouble yourself with the laptop stand? Of course not. That is why I recommend you go for the foldable stand or a very lightweight one. These models are easy to pack and unpack, and transportation is easy as pie. Some models even come with their own drawstring bags.
  • ü Storage – as I said before, a laptop stand is designed to save space. It would be kind of ironic if the item itself would occupy a lot of space in storage, wouldn’t it? That is why I think it’s best if you choose a folding laptop stand. You will not even notice its presence in your closet or storage area.
  • ü Last, but definitely not least, appearance – you are a DJ, you have your own style, and a lot of people are watching you. The stand will most likely be the most visible item on your table. Not caring about appearance is a PR disaster for you, which is why you have to pay attention to these things. Choose a laptop stand that can really reflect your personality. Manufacturers are wellaware of this aspect, so they try their best to produce attractive models. Go for the one that suits you best.

What are the best DJ laptop stands

If you go online, you will see that you have a vast variety of products, from the cheapest to the most expensive. It’s up to you which one you choose. Here are a few suggestions that may make your search a bit easier.

Pyle-Pro PLPTS25 Laptop Stand for DJ

Click here to buy on Amazon

This stand is among the cheapest you can find. That, however, doesn’t automatically grants it a bad quality. Its affordable price is the precise reason for which this product is so popular. The first thing that comes to mind when you see such a low price is that it must be good for nothing. But you are wrong in this case. Pyle-Pro is ideal for a DJ. It can hold your laptop, your CD player or controller, an EFX machine, or even a lighting controller. It’s more versatile than you think. It can hold anything, as long as it’s flat and weighs no more than 8 pounds.

You can place this stand on any given flat surface, and the setup couldn’t be easier. The C-shape allows you to put other items underneath your laptop if you like. The same design makes it incredibly stable. You don’t have to worry that the stand is not balanced enough or that the laptop (or whatever you put on it) will fall forward. I have to say that it is a lot sturdier than it actually looks.

The height can be easily adjusted. The DJ laptop stand features 4 Line-It-Up height adjustments. No matter how tall you are, you can adjust it for your comfort. During a performance you are going to stay on your feet for hours, do you really need a back pain too? The angle makes the laptop easy accessible. Its position is as natural as an ergonomically designed keyboard. Your wrists don’t have to suffer.

I think that this is perfect for a DJ who is new to the whole thing. It’s cheap but high-quality, and it is stable enough to support everything you need it to hold. Its reliability is not an issue. I know that it may look that way, but it’s really not. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

CRANE Hardware Plus Universal DJ Stand for Laptops

Click here to buy on Amazon

This is something a little bit more advanced than the previous model. It has a better design, in my opinion, and it looks better than most similar products. If you want to invest in appearance, then this is the way to go.

What you will appreciate about the Crane DJ laptop stand is its adjustability. You can adjust it any way you like, for your comfort and practicality. You can change the angle in any situation so that you can see better, have better access, but to save space as well. You can adjust both the top and the bottom of the stand.

The powder coated steel frame screams durability, reliability, and sturdiness. The lever set and the knob are both made of aluminum, which ensures significant resistance against wear. The stand can be configured in both Z position, for a higher stability or in C position for maximum height. You can put it just the way you like, as long as there is enough space. The Z position requires an extended space, while the C position will save you plenty. You can even use the space underneath.

When you are traveling, you can just fold the stand and put it in the nylon drawstring bag that comes with the package. It is very lightweight, so portability is not an issue. You can mount laptops, tablets, projectors, controllers, or any other device that weighs under 8 pounds. There is no assembly required. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

Pyle PLPTS35 Portable Folding Stand for Laptops

Click here to buy on Amazon

This stand is also manufactured by Pyle, only that this one has more features. For example, you can fold this one for better portability. The folding doesn’t require much effort. Just read the manual on how to do it. You will even receive a travel case in which to put it. That way you can avoid scratches.

The frame is made of stainless steel on which you can place a laptop no matter what size it is. It will not fall forward because the stand is perfectly balanced, and thanks to the two pins on edge, the device will not slide. The laptop shelf measures 9.6 x 8.5 inches. There is also a lower accessory shelf where you can put your tablet or whatever you like.

The one thing I don’t like about this model is that it’s not as adjustable as the previous model. I would have expected at least a height adjustability, but I guess the lock and leave feature works for some people. So if you want to purchase this model, make sure that the height is right for you. Otherwise, you are going to regret buying it. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon.

My recommendation

Considering all features from the three products, I believe that the Crane is the best DJ laptop stand ever created. It has it all. It’s adjustable in more than one way, the angles and the height, it’s foldable, which makes it ideal for transportation or traveling, and last, but not least, the sturdy stainless steel will make sure that it will last a very long time. I know that it’s a bit more pricey than the others, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s worth it. After all, you don’t want to buy a new laptop stand every other year, do you?


I know that you will agree with me when I say that a DJ creates his (or her) entire world around the equipment, which is why it’s very important that the table is well organized. A DJ laptop stand will do precisely that. It will help you keep things organized in the most compact manner possible. Click here to buy on Amazon

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